Natasha Cook Staff Photo
Subjects Taught


Montgomery County High School, graduated in 1993

Georgetown College, Bachelor of Education in 1997

Murray State University, Masters in Education Counseling/Leadership (Administration) 2003


Lyon County Long Term Substitute Teacher from 1997-1998

Crittenden County Primary Teacher from 1994-2004

Lyon County Primary Teacher from 2004-Present


I grew up in Mount Sterling, Kentucky.  I went to college at Georgetown College. After graduation, I married Charles Cook.  We then moved to Crittenden County.  While living there I was hired by Lyon County as a long term substitute teacher.  I started the first day with Mindy Blackburn's maturnity leave followed by Carmine Wurtman, Michelle Wilford then completed the last day of school for Karen Wilson.  I then was hired by Crittenden County, where I taught first and second grade for eight years.  We then built a home in Lyon County, I just always felt my heart belonged here and I always wanted my children to go to school in the greatest place ever!! I have two children, Caroline and Ashleigh.  I am living my dream job of being a teacher, I am so blessed to get to love and be with kids.  In my spare time, I enjoy being with my family, dancing to Wii Two, attending church (Kuttawa Methodist) and going to our school children's activities.