Mission Statement  

Elementary School LogoWe believe...

  • everyone should be treated fairly, consistently, and with respect.
  • every student is important.
  • students deserve our best efforts.
  • in giving students the tools to become productive member of society.
  • that parents and guardians are an integral part of our team.
  • our staff cares about students' overall well-being.
  • that together we develop the leaders of tomorrow.
  • in producing life-long learners.
  • in providing a safe environment.
  • teamwork is the key to success.

  About The School  

Lyon County Elementary

Lyon County Elementary, located in Eddyville, Kentucky, serves approximately 424 students K-5th grade. In addition to eighteen regular classroom teachers, we have additional teachers for Art, Music, Physical Education, Library/Media, Computers, World Culture & Language, Guidance, Gifted & Talented Education, Response to Intervention, and Special Education. We offer students a variety of learning experiences including field trips and assemblies to enhance regular classroom instruction.

Our school is the recipient of a Read to Achieve/Early Reading Incentive Grant and we are implementing an Early Reading Intervention program with an in-house reading specialist. Our goal is to have every student reading at grade level by third grade. Our literacy plan also involves testing all students with DIBELS and STAR 360 to monitor student progress.  Students not meeting benchmark receive additional reading instruction.

Our school continues to emphasize high quality math instruction.  Students receive additional math instruction through a math specialist funded by a math grant.  Our math literacy plan also involves testing all students with Easy CBM and STAR 360 to monitor student progress. Classroom teachers are using Thoughtful Ed strategies and Eureka Math curriculum to reinforce math concepts.  Math manipulative are used in all grades as well as the latest math software, such as DreamBox and MobyMax to challenge students and reinforce math skills.